Bienvenue! Welcome!
from "Calligrammes," visual poems by French poet Guillaume Apollinaire (1880 - 1918) 

This site was created to guide you during our adventures in language learning this year. This is the home page ("Accueil"). Here you will find links to each of Mlle Arend's classes. Please click on the link to your class page - Français II, Français IIIFrançais IV, or Français V - to find the following resources:
  • course information (Course Policies + Expectations, Syllabus, etc.)
  • important announcements
  • daily agenda + homework assignments
  • course materials (PowerPoints, vocab lists, handouts, etc.)
In addition, you will also find links to French language resources like newspapers, TV and radio stations, and entertainment news sites, as well as useful links to online dictionaries, guides for typing French accent marks, and supplementary practice exercises.