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Linguistic Resources

Online dictionaries
  • WordReference - An excellent online dictionary featuring thorough definitions of words and expressions, as well as verb conjugation charts - with all the tenses and moods you could ever dream of! The site also includes an active forum that discusses phrases and expressions that may not be found in the dictionary definitions. 
  • Linguee - An interesting "dictionary" that uses a vast database of translations to provide you not with definitions, but instead with words appearing in context.
  • Larousse - An online version of the famous Larousse French dictionary. 

Typing accents
  • Here is a guide explaining how to type French accents on a Mac or a PC: Typing Accents

Miscellaneous links
  • Conjuguemos - A site that gives you exercises to practice verb conjugation.
  • Forvo pronunciation guide - A very cool database of word pronunciations featuring millions of audio files of native speakers saying words and expressions in their native language.